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Ve_ve - ve·ve (vee'vee) n. : An icon community home to bana76 and eevee_gurl.

The graphics you see in this community are made with Adobe Photoshop. These graphics will be mainly of the fandoms in our interests listed below. We'd appreciate if you did not request as these comments will go unanswered unless one of us has made a specific post accepting requests. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at our journals. We hope you enjoy your stay. =)

Everything posted in this journal will be archived in the memories, including icons, tutorials, headers and such. Feel free to browse for your interests in there.

We would appreciate that you would at least comment should you take an icon for future or immediate use. Credit is not necessary but appreciated if you enjoy this community. What is unacceptable is if you claim that you made the icon. Should you do that, I'm sure one of us will feel the need to stick a cucumber up a hole on your body.

Neither of us claim to be almighty at icon-making. So should you have any reason to hate our icons, we hereby declare that we are not to be held liable. Should you realize that our icons suck after you have joined the community, please feel free to leave.

Brush Credits -
dtissagirl crumblingwalls quebelly
shagalote teh_indy sans_espoir
pekeana inxsomniax serendipitysho
inexorablyhere etoilepb kimberly_a
hecatesknickers incarnatus leftofmyheart
_joni whenidance calixa
disorderedicons icons_with_love fatexsucks
parrotdroppings fophead gasparnoe
yachiru zerohundred whurledpeaz
nyuszi spiffydaze saava
extraflamey _kali_ lily_blossoms

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