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News + Various

Woot! There's a gorgeous new layout thanks to bana76!

Finally some new-ish icons.

Teasers -
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taking the alias icon of will/bradley cooper. FINALLY an icon of him! :) you rock :P
Heee! =) Glad you like it!
I like them all (but am not taking) hehe.

ps. Imogen Heap is lovely <3
Very nice LAWKI icons :)
ehhhh !!! took the first life as we know it icon!
all lovely....took the forbidden love one and the it had to be you one...will credit when used of course!
saved all the keira knightly icons. thanks!
Wow.. Dude, post in lawki_icons.
i like the 'young' one and the 1 next to it, but i cant really read it. and also i like 'it had to be you'. i dont think im taking them but if i do i'll b sure to credit
took the hold me near icon.will credit
Hey, would you like to affiliate with my graphic journal creative___mess? ♥
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but will add you right away =)
took hold me near & you. will credit. thankss
I took 1 through 4. Good work.
Merci beaucoup!
took the drop dead sexy one :)
oOoOo!! i love forbidden romance!!!! will credit!.<3
layout looks bad in firefox
amazing.. took.. hold me near you and it had to be you =D will credit
lovee the icon for life as we know it:) best show ever