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Icon Tutorial #2

Ok. Icon tutorial. This will show you how to make

So this is for PS7. Have fun! If you have any questions, go ahead and ask! =)

I start out with this screencap from wickedripeplum

Then I use the Rectangular Marquee tool and with the settings of Fixed Aspect Ratio of Width - 1 and Height - 1, I Image -> Crop it to this.

Then I go Image -> Image Size and enter 100 for the pixels. I now have this.

But it's so ugly and blurry! So I go Filter -> Sharpen and I get this.

Then with the Smudge Tool, the one that has a little finger extending from a hand, I have the properties of Brush Size - 5 and Strength - 15%. I retouch her face and I get this. I won't go into details about face retouching because there are other tutorials for that. Anyhow. I get this.

It's too dark so I duplicate this layer twice, and I set both to Screen. Leaving me with this.

Then I make a new blank layer. I hold Alt on my keyboard and use my mouse to go Layer -> Merge Visible which leaves me with a new layer that looks the same as before. I set this layer to Soft Light and I get this.

I then create a New Blank Layer right underneath the Soft Light layer but above all the Screened layers. I flood fill it with the color #58617A which is a darkish blue. I set this layer to Exclusion and the Opacity of 50%. I now have this.

Above the exclusion layer, I create a New Blank Layer and make a gradient from crumblingwalls</b> that looks like this.

I set this layer to Screen and the Opacity of 75%. I get this.

I create a New Blank Layer over this one and have another gradient by crumblingwalls that looks like this.

I set this to Multiply at Opacity - 100% and I get this.

Right now, it's dark and ugly so I create a New Blank Layer and hold Alt on my keyboard while I use my mouse to go Layer -> Merge Visible. I then go to Image -> Adjustments -> Variations and do the following. More Blue, Lighter, Lighter, Lighter, More Cyan, Lighter. You should have this.

Now I only want the wall color, because Veronica looks too pale right now. So I add a mask. I click the Mask tool. Which is a grey square with a white circle in it. (Or Layer -> Add Layer Mask -> Reveal All) So a new white square should have popped up beside your layer. Now I choose a Brush of Size - 13 and I paint everything except the wall with a fairly dark grey #4B4B4B. (Not that the brush should be at 100% opacity.) You should now have this.

But her jacket/sweater still looks too pale so I'll completely hide it by painting it black on the mask. Leaving me with this.

Yay! She's all pretty now! And we need text. I'm sucky at text so I just came up with "on the prowl". I set it at Times New Roman, Italic, Size - 10pt, Spacing (Up and Down) of 6pt, Spacing (Horizontally) of 200 and make the whole thing Centered. I decide the color to be a creamish orange #EF8743 and stick the text near the middle of the wall. It should now look like this.

Yay! You're done!

*Please note that if you copy this tutorial exactly, I will hunt you down and stick a cucumber up your butt.
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